• Secondary Schools

    Vita delivers maximum value by incorporating innovation and knowlege into the design and construction of school buildings.

  • Primary Schools

    We have utilised our offsite manufacturing within this sector to construct buildings quickly and to the highest standard possible.

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  • Secondary Schools

    Our schools are designed to be flexible and to resond to future changes in education.

  • Flexible Interiors

    Schools need to be able to respond to daily changes as well as longer term trends.

  • Building Information Modelling

    We use BIM to manage risk and data and to ensure we have a coordinated design and construction process.

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Why We Do It

Why We Do It

The UK Governement acknowleges that the current school estate is way below global standards and needs huge investment. The Building Schools for the Future programme was scrapped at the begining of the current parliament as it was considered not to provide value and would be unsustainable.

The current Government is keen to see maximum value at the lowest cost  across the schools estate. To get close to these aspirations the traditional approach to design and construction has to be re thought.

We believe the stanadardised range offered by Vita delivers the Government objectives without compromising the quality.

With Vita we have developed a range of schools which maximise value at the lowest possible cost.

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