• Secondary Schools

    Vita delivers maximum value by incorporating innovation and knowlege into the design and construction of school buildings.

  • Primary Schools

    We have utilised our offsite manufacturing within this sector to construct buildings quickly and to the highest standard possible.

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  • Secondary Schools

    Our schools are designed to be flexible and to resond to future changes in education.

  • Flexible Interiors

    Schools need to be able to respond to daily changes as well as longer term trends.

  • Building Information Modelling

    We use BIM to manage risk and data and to ensure we have a coordinated design and construction process.

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Secondary Schools

Our range of secondary schools includes 900 and 1200 place versions with the possibility of 150 post 16 provision. they are designed to all current standards and comply to all current EFA Priority School Requirments.

With our Vita school range we have identified that resources for school buildings are reducing however the need for quality learnig space continues to grow. The governments existing schools estate is poor and needs significant investment.

The BSF programme had huge ambitions but it proved to expensive and cumbersome to be able to address the backlog. A new way of thinking is required to be able to deliver the best schools at the lowest cost in construction and operation. To achive this the existing processes of the constructon inductry have to be re thought so that the value goes into the product.

With our partners at volula we have developed a range of schools which respond to this need and will deliver a quality product which is sustainable into the future.

The Volula team have responded to reduced resources for schools in the UK be designing a range of schools which deliver the best possible value to the taxpayer.

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