• Secondary Schools

    Vita delivers maximum value by incorporating innovation and knowlege into the design and construction of school buildings.

  • Primary Schools

    We have utilised our offsite manufacturing within this sector to construct buildings quickly and to the highest standard possible.

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  • Secondary Schools

    Our schools are designed to be flexible and to resond to future changes in education.

  • Flexible Interiors

    Schools need to be able to respond to daily changes as well as longer term trends.

  • Building Information Modelling

    We use BIM to manage risk and data and to ensure we have a coordinated design and construction process.

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What We Do

We are committed to using new thinking and technology to maximise value in the delivery of new school buildings.

This means a level of standardisation across our range with a mix of off site and standard construction.Through the use of BIM we are able to bring all of the components together virtually, testing them before we start on site.

We link all of the data so we can understand the link between capital and operational cost to find the optimum solution. 


We use new thinking in design, procurement and construction to ensure the investment goes into the product and not the process.

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