• Secondary Schools

    Vita delivers maximum value by incorporating innovation and knowlege into the design and construction of school buildings.

  • Primary Schools

    We have utilised our offsite manufacturing within this sector to construct buildings quickly and to the highest standard possible.

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  • Secondary Schools

    Our schools are designed to be flexible and to resond to future changes in education.

  • Flexible Interiors

    Schools need to be able to respond to daily changes as well as longer term trends.

  • Building Information Modelling

    We use BIM to manage risk and data and to ensure we have a coordinated design and construction process.

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Kykloud specialise in lifecycle management software.

The cloud based service hosts building asset and facilities manangement plans in a central location and compares planned against actual through operation.

The Kykloud services allows Lifecycle data to be stored and compared in a single location.

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